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Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice is owned and operated by TEAMTACK (which is a part of XOX Technology Berhad) (referred to as “TEAMTACK”, “we” or “us”). We value and strive to protect your privacy in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (referred to as “PDPA 2010”) with the aim to regulate the collection, holding, processing and use of personal data in commercial transactions.

This Privacy Notice regulates how we process your Personal Data, whether directly or indirectly and includes sensitive personal data. The terms, for example “Personal Data”, “Sensitive Personal Data” and “Third Party” whenever referred herein shall have the same meaning ascribed to in the PDPA 2010. For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, “Personal Data” includes but not be limited to your name, address, identification card/passport number, and transaction records with TEAMTACK. Meanwhile, “Sensitive Personal Data” comprises information as to your  physical or mental health or condition, political opinions, religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature, commission or alleged commission of any offence or any other Personal Data determined by law.

TEAMTACK reserves the right to change, amend, remove, or add to its privacy policy and/or this Privacy Notice (or any portion of thereof). By continuing to use our services on or after the effective date of such change, you will be deemed to have agreed and accepted these changes.


This Privacy Notice applies to all TEAMTACK operations and business units. To the extent any operations or business unit of TEAMTACK already has a personal data protection and/or privacy notice  in place; this Privacy Notice shall supersede and replace any such notice.


The responsibility on the access and correction of personal data, notice and choice to limit processing of personal data will be managed by TEAMTACK resources towards enterprise-wide compliance.


This Privacy Notice is effective as of August 2 2022.


4.1 General Principle:

4.1.1 TEAMTACK will use, process, record, hold, store, share and disclose (“process”) your Personal Data with your consent.

4.1.2 Continuance use of TEAMTACK’s services and/or products shall tantamount to your consent for TEAMTACK to process your Personal Data.

4.1.3 TEAMTACK will record and maintain a record of consent by your continued use of our services as appearing on our active customer database.

4.1.4 If you are under 18 years, it is solely your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained the consent of your parents or legal guardian before subscribing and  using our services and/or products. Any information given to TEAMTACK from you as a minor will be processed accordingly to this Privacy Notice.

4.2 Notice and Choice Principle:

4.2.1 TEAMTACK will process and may share the Personal Data for the following reasons:-

  1. to process account registration;

  2. to manage customer’s account;

  3. to issue bill statement;

  4. to companies and organizations ;

    • for the performance of TEAMTACK’s contract of providing any goods or services to the customer;

    • for the profiling your service preferences;

    • for the compliance with any legal and/or regulatory obligations to which TEAMTACK is subject, in addition to any obligation imposed under TEAMTACK’s contract with the customer;

    • that act as TEAMTACK’s payment channels including and without limitation, financial institutions for purposes of maintaining financial records, assessing or verifying credit and facilitating payments of any amount due to TEAMTACK;

  5. to other service providers or third parties nominated by TEAMTACK either solely or jointly with other service providers, for purposes of establishing and  maintaining a common database of customers or processing data as an outsourced entity both within and outside Malaysia;

  6. to interact with and send you information, promotions and updates including marketing and advertising materials in relation to our goods and services and those of organizations selected by TEAMTACK;

  7. to companies and organizations that act as TEAMTACK’s agents or contractors for the purposes of recovering any amount due to TEAMTACK;

  8. to regulatory bodies or other government authorities in compliance with requirements under the law or towards the detection or prevention of crime and/or  fraud;

  9. to any party involved in or related to a legal proceeding, for purposes of the proceedings;

  10. to protect TEAMTACK’s vital interests for the administration of justice;

  11. to promote any of TEAMTACK’s new or existing products and/or services; or products, services and special offers of third parties whose products and services we think may be of interest to you; and;

  12. for the exercise of any functions conferred on any person by or under any law.

4.2.2 TEAMTACK may collect your Personal Data when you

  1. subscribe or register for one of our services or when you receive one of TEAMTACK services;

  2. contact TEAMTACK for any reason;

  3. participate in any of TEAMTACK’s campaign or lucky draw;

  4. interact with TEAMTACK through various channels including social media;

  5. information is publicly available; or

  6. have given other organizations your consent to share or disclose information about you.

    • The types of such information may include:

      1. Contact information such as name, date of birth, identification number (including NRIC or passport number), gender, nationality and race, preferred language, current and alternate address, telephone or mobile number, fax number, email address;

      2. The status of the products and/or services you have acquired from TEAMTACK or subscribed to;

      3. Your personal interests and preferences;

      4. A record of calls made by you to TEAMTACK customer service officers for any queries.

4.2.3 TEAMTACK may transfer your Personal Data to third parties both in Malaysia and overseas providing outsourced data storage or data processing services for TEAMTACK. TEAMTACK and its service providers are based in Malaysia. However, TEAMTACK may transfer your Personal Data to third party service providers outside Malaysia. While TEAMTACK endeavours that such place has similar personal data provisions to Malaysia, you should also know that such service providers may have data privacy laws that are different from Malaysia.

4.2.4 If you have provided your Personal Data prior to this Privacy Notice, you may contact TEAMTACK to know what type of Personal Data have been processed and the purpose for the processing.

4.2.5 Save in accordance with this Privacy Notice and except as permitted or required under any enactment, law, statute, or code, TEAMTACK will not use or disclose your Personal Data without prior written consent from you.

4.2.6 You will be given the opportunity to 'opt-out' of having your Personal Data used for purposes not directly related to the Services or TEAMTACK’s Websites at the point where TEAMTACK asks for information. If you do not wish to receive our promotional updates, you may opt-out of receiving these communications by contacting TEAMTACK at the contact numbers listed below. But please note that should you decide to “opt-out”, we may not be able to provide you with certain  services and your subscription to or application for certain services may be declined, denied, or refused by TEAMTACK.

4.2.7 Your right to limit processing of your Personal Data. At any time,

  1. You may request for TEAMTACK to suspend or limit  any processing of your Personal Data if you have concerns of the legitimacy of such processing activity. During the temporary suspension period, certain provision of TEAMTACK 's services may be affected; or

  2. You may request for TEAMTACK to cease altogether any processing activities of your Personal Data for any purpose.

4.3 Disclosure Principle:

4.3.1 TEAMTACK will only disclose Personal Data to comply with any government agency notification requirements; and/or for the purpose for which the Personal Data is processed where you have consented to disclosure.

4.3.2 TEAMTACK may from time to time, contact you on behalf of external business partners about particular goods, offers or services that may be of interest to you.

4.3.3 TEAMTACK may disclose your Personal Data to subsidiaries, its parent company XOX Technology Bhd or any other entity for the purpose as outlined in paragraph 4.2.1 (if any).

4.4 Security Principle:

TEAMTACK is responsible for taking prudent steps to safeguard the confidentiality and security of all Personal Data, including appropriate procedural, organizational and technical steps to protect personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration or disclosure. These steps include entering into written agreements with subcontractors who process Personal Data in accordance with TEAMTACK’s instructions and incorporating TEAMTACK’s own data protection standards as a minimum.

4.5 Retention Principle:

TEAMTACK will retain your Personal Data for as long as there exists a purpose for which it was collected and processed. TEAMTACK will also retain your Personal Data to comply with any legal, regulatory or TEAMTACK’s internal requirements. A number of safeguards, appropriate to the sensitivity of the information, to protect Personal Data against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification is practiced by TEAMTACK. Upon termination of service or account closure, Customer account data will be archived for two (2) years for reasons above mentioned.  Once the purpose for which your Personal Data is collected is no longer necessary, TEAMTACK will take all reasonable steps to destroy or permanently delete both physical and electronic copies containing your Personal Data.

4.6 Data Integrity Principle:

4.6.1 EAMTACK strives to maintain complete, current, and accurate information about its customers. Any inaccurate information that is brought to TEAMTACK 's attention will be corrected as quickly as possible after notification.

4.6.2 You can also request from TEAMTACK to amend, correct or update your Personal Data that is inaccurate or outdated.

4.6.3 Procedures will be maintained to ensure that any reported inaccuracies are promptly and effectively handled, and that customers' information remains as accurate, current and complete as possible. The Personal Data correction / update form may be requested be email to

4.7 Access Principle:

4.7.1 At all times, you have the right to access your information.

4.7.2 At any point of time, you can request from TEAMTACK a copy of your Personal Data that TEAMTACK holds about you for a prescribed fee pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Code Of Practice - For Licensees under The Communications And Multimedia Act 1998.


5.1 TEAMTACK does not process any Sensitive Personal Data in its ordinary course of business.

5.2 If need arises, TEAMTACK will obtain explicit consent from you before or when it processes Sensitive Personal Data.

5.3 TEAMTACK may process Personal Data or Sensitive Personal Data without the customer’s consent only in limited circumstances as permitted by law.


6.1 Notwithstanding TEAMTACK offers its products and services via its various platform, with TEAMTACK’s website being one, when you visit TEAMTACK's websites the web servers generally record anonymous information such as the time, date and URL of the request. This information assists TEAMTACK to improve the structure of its websites and monitor their performance. From time-to-time TEAMTACK may also use third parties to analyse this anonymous information.

6.2 As mandatory in the usage of the TEAMTACK’s websites TEAMTACK may require standard information such as a user or customer’s login identification, password, Personal Data for verification purposes, contact details and identification numbers. This information is necessary for TEAMTACK to provide the services you applied for. You are required to maintain the secrecy of your login identification and password to access the TEAMTACK home page.


7.1 TEAMTACK also collects internet protocol (IP) addresses. TEAMTACK collects and manages IP addresses as part of the service of providing internet session management and for security purposes.

7.2 TEAMTACK’s websites may transmit to your computer a “cookie” to allow TEAMTACK’s server to identify and interact more effectively with you. You may configure and personalize its current browser to refuse, reject or delete such cookies.


8.1 TEAMTACK collects anonymous information about your web browsing activity from your internet-enabled device and use that information to associate your browser with one or more pre-defined interest categories. This enables TEAMTACK to provide ads to you that are tailored to your interests.

8.2 You may configure and personalize your current browser to refuse, reject or delete collection of information for internet based advertising.


If you have any inquiries, concern or complaint about this Privacy Notice, TEAMTACK is contactable as follows:

Telephone (9am to 6pm, excluding Saturdays, Sundays & State/Public Holidays):

From TEAMTACK Customer Service at: +60122137992